Smahildur's kennel, introduction

How did I start breeding

I have been dog-people since I remember. We had two dogs when I was a child and it was me who took care of them, feeding, walking, brushing and cutting nails etc. They were family dogs, we didnít go any dog activities and that time only dog activities were hunting or dog shows, no agility, obedience etc.

Then there were empty years without dogs when I was studying and living in apartment house areas. When I year 2002 moved to row house with own garden, then it was time to take own dog. I had visited Iceland 2001 and saw there nice normal looking happy dogs. I always have liked spitz-type dogs and now I had two options: Icelandic Sheepdog or Lapponian herder. I visited dog show in Oulu to check how they are in social event. Icies were noisy and full of happiness, herders were quiet and apathetic. Choice was easy!

After my decision I found a breeder who had female (8 months) free for co-owned placement. I left the breeder crying when I drive away with my first Icelandic sheepdog in November 2002. Now year 2016 I still can enjoy company of that grand old lady Aitiorannan ÷skubuska. Cinderella, Tuhkimo, Tuhkis, Tiku, Tipuli, she has many names.

In the beginning Tuhkis was just a dog who took me walking and she was always with me on my free-time, usually in horse stables. One course of obedience we had when she was 1-year-old. Dog shows we visited couple of times.

I was chosen to finnish Icelandig Sheepdog club (Islanninkoirat Ė Islandshundarna ry) board member year 2005. Since then I have been active in society work. One year I was out of board, but started it again. Couple of years I was corresponding of agility things. Now is my second year as chairwoman.

But before that there came the second Icie to me, Smahildur, called Hiltu, year was 2006. She is also co-owned female. Hiltu was very wild and energetic dog so I had two wild dogs living with me. It was time to start some activities, I found agility and was sold. Since 2007 it has been my favorite dog-sport and I have used a lot of money for that, and it has been worth of it. I love agility!

Hiltu was used breeding twice by Aitiorannan kennel (remember she was co-owned) first time year 2008, and she had four puppies, only one female. And I was again sold: Aitorannan Kata Kvennagull, called Kvenna, has lived all her years with me. She is my sport dog, and was planned to use breeding, but her temperament is not what is wanted from Icie, so she wasn't used at all. Her second Aitiorannan litter was born 2010.

First time I was asked why Iím not breeding was year 2005. Question was made by Sigridur Petursdottir, who was judging clubshow in Liminka. I was driving her from airport and later afternoon I took her to visit horse stables and during that we had long discussions about horses, life and of course dogs. Then my answer to her was that Iíll leave that job for the wiser.

My interests are in dogs working ability. Because of my agility hype I start to think how much potential Icelandig sheepdog really have. Since my oldest dog had to stop agility in age of 10, I start obedience trainees with her, and age of 12 she was in her last competition! Nowadays herding has been more common to trainee in Finland and there are more possibilities for it too, so I have tried it and falling in love -again. So I really believe that window of opportunities is wide for Icelandic Sheepdogs.

After a lot of experience and years I was ready to take big step to breeder year 2013. I was encouraged by owner of the Aitiorannan kennel, Tiina. She has trusted me all the time, her co-owned Tuhkimo and Hiltu have always had litters in my place (normally co-owned females are moving to breeders house when the delivery time is). Tiina has of course been midwife in deliveries. I have had experience of deliveries and puppy-care during these years and my knowledge of the Icelandic sheepdog was wider, I start to believe that I have something to give for this breed.

I decided to make my first litter with Hiltu. It was her third one, which is a big amount, but I like Hiltuís earlier generations and her temperament, happy and allways ready to do.

Kennel name is also coming from Hiltu; Smahildurís kennel. Smahildur means Valkyrie, those women solders in Valhalla - it was so us.

And now year 2016 Iím planning to continue breeding with Smahildur's Bolla Bimbolina, Milla. She has a lot of temperament, health checked and good body-type.

I have also reservation to female puppy in Denmark. I hope she is coming to Finland in May and moving to Riikkaís house to Keminmaa, where also Milla is living.